GB Pockit Stroller, Monument Black Review

If you have a newborn baby and looking for the best baby stroller to carry your baby anywhere, you like. It is one of the important consideration that your baby stroller should have all the latest features and facilities that can offer safe experience.

However, GB Pockit Stroller is not only a small baby stroller but a set of features to keep your baby safe as well as comfortable to go. Although this baby stroller has all the necessary features that can make your days more enjoyable and relax with your baby.

Among its lot of necessary features, most remarkable are it has a lightweight design, one hand push and portable body construction. However, it suitable to carry even while you go for holidays by putting into your car. Whether you are thinking to get one of this, you should know its following features.


It is awesome that you can give your baby more relaxation even while you are on holidays. However, this baby stroller has portable body functions that you can hold and put into your car.

gb pockit stroller review

The size of the stroller is not too big as well as due to portability you can make the size as small as like a box. However, there is a join between seat and wheels it can break from the position and fold like half of original size.

However,  with its innovative two-step folding technique, you can switch from pushing to carrying in seconds. It is lightweight to look and hold that you can move from one place to another. Cleverly designed to stand alone when folded, it can be conveniently put aside at your favorite cafe or restaurant

Small But Strong

Building materials are the most important consideration while you choice something for children. Everyone knows that kids are physically week and any small incident can be the cause of the big accident.However, this stroller has made with high-quality materials that you can relax regarding your baby safety.

The functions of the stroller have joined with quality plastic and aluminum that are long durable as well as you can use without any color or physical damage. Built using durable materials and expertly designed, it might be small, but the Pocket is built to last.

Adjustable Harness System

Whether you are worried regarding your baby’s safety, it has a complete safety system that secure safety belt with protective comfort pads can be set at different heights and fastened or loosened for a cozy and secure fit. You just push the stroller with your single hand go anywhere you need.

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  • Innovative two-step folding technique
  • Cleverly designed to stand alone when folded
  • conveniently put aside at your favorite cafe or restaurant
  • Built using durable materials and expertly designed
  • Convenient pushing and steering
  • The secure safety belt with protective comfort pads
  • Different heights and fastened or loosened


  • I could be more efficient if would possible to make smaller with portability

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the maximum weight?

A: Max weight is 55 pounds.

Q: How well does the stroller drive?

A: Yes we love it! We travel every other week for work and it’s been amazing It’s so compact and handles great!

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Final Verdict

Every parent wants to do the possible maximum for their children; this baby stroller has a number of features that can ensure your baby’s safety as well as keep your worries free.

However, due to its portable body construction and high-quality materials you can feel safe. Among its lot of features safety and additional storage for diapers and other convenience make the stroller awesome.

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